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Kuria - Japanese clear

When I have a pressure to preform at work, whether its giving a presentation, meeting a deadline or hitting a target, it can create stress. I know stress at work is a constant in my life , but it doesn't seem like there is a great way for me to solve this. Introducing (insert name here) : a simple, healthy, all natural beverage with only two ingredients: Whole grain barley infused in pure, spring water. This ancient beverage release the natural proteins and B vitamins found in barley that help my mind calmly focus, giving me the clarity that I need to tackle tasks ahead of me and eliminate my sources of stress without the unhealthy stimulant energy of caffeine or sugar. (product name ) is a beverage that continues the rich tradition of barley infused water, a drink consumed for thousands of years in East Asia to promote health, focus, clarity, and well-being. The simplicity of whole grain barley steeped and infused in water creates a beverage that is low in carbs but high in nutrients your brain needs to focus. (product name) affords your brain a natural and sustained state of focus through barley's abundance of B-Vitamins, soluble proteins, electrolytes and magnesium. Using only the bare minimum of ingredient, (Product name) was created from the belief that less and clarity comes from the simple act of focusing on the tasks ahead of you. In our present stressful age too many drinks fill you with artificial ingredients and sugars, spiking energy and causing the mind to become scattered; (product name) unleashes all these ancient and natural benefits allowing us to think clearly, and tackle deadlines and targets at the office.


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