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Marketplace that connects patients and health care providers, offering low cost medical procedures. From a technological standpoint, the platform is a card operator sub-buyer, accepting online payments between patients and medical services providers, and authorizing financial liquidity. Customers just need to do a simple registry (email, login and password). After that, they have access to a wide range of services, both directly or through our concierge service. After choosing the service needed, customers make the payment online and are offered the option to pay by credit card installments. After the payment is confirmed, the user receives a voucher to present at health care provider on the scheduled day. If the user prefers, he can also have access to a card (where all his vouchers are stored). The provider, then, has to validate the voucher. Payment is made to the provider after the validation. The accreditation process of providers is strictly supervised. Before selling its services and products through our platform, providers have to go through a negotiation phase to make sure that the best prices are being offered. After that, the contract is signed and the accreditation process is concluded. Our marketing team, then, starts acting to improve the provider's identity and website, creating a direct link to our platform on the provider's website and offering a customised marketing service for each provider. P.S.: the name of the marketplace will be adapted to be pronounceable in English, Spanish and Portuguese and the platform will have a .com domain registered


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