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4 Chosen Names


Perfect Form

Plastic & Cosmetic surgery clinic based in Bangkok (non English speaking country). Majority of patients are local while the remaning from Southeast Asian countries (non English speaking country as well except Singapore) Some from Australia & New Zealand. Service range from all Facial Plastic Surgery to Breast & Body and Hair transplant. we do all. Like to have English name. Easy to recall by our patients. Plan to become hospital and the name will be displayed at on top of the building some day.


The Drafting Board

A local architecture firm is looking for a new name! What started out as a one man architectural company has grown into a small firm in the last 10 years. We need to take the owner's name off the door and come up with a new name that helps us stand out. Our firm is focused on impeccable client service and design. We are located in Madison, Wisconsin. We are looking for a name that is unique, catchy, or stands out in some way. Name submissions should be meaningful, fun, memorable to other and stand the test of time. While some names architectural reference could be creative, we are trying to avoid things that are bland and cliche in the field. Name submissions should be checked for any other existing US companies duplication or similar business names in the field. We do business in several different states so we do not want anything that is already taken or too similar to a company in the field (architect, engineer, etc.)


private contest - chosen name kept private



This is not a product name. This will be the parent company for a group of technology products, focusing on Interactive Marketing and Competitive Analysis tools. The products are designed to help users make better business decisions, while prioritizing their work on what has the biggest impact.