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Autumn Manor

Professional Name Short to Medium in Length No acronyms/misspelled Must evoke trust Target market: Family members (generally eldest daughter in family " age 45) Tabitha Elder Care services is non-profit and is in search of an ownable naming convention that will serve to define a TYPE of housing style/approach in our living communities. These living communities consist of residential style Elder Care houses which embrace a very innovative lifestyle (very NON-institutionalized). They fit right into the community, anyone would be proud to call them home. See below for further description of Elder Care residential style living. The name needs to serve as an umbrella to this category of living. It is important that the name reflect dignity, positivity and does not demean or shame residents in any way. Once this naming convention is finalized, we will tag on to the beginning or end a dedication/donor family name to each house as well. DO NOT USE THESE KEYWORDS: Facility, senior, cottage, home, nursing home, Green House, small, small house, old, Tabitha, folks, patient(s), retirement, retire We refer to those we serve as clients, Elders or residents. What is residential-style living? In a word, it's not your grandmother's nursing home! Tabitha began offering this innovative model of care in 2006 with the opening of Nebraska's first (and just the nation's second) Green House home on our main campus in Lincoln. Residential-style living is a significant departure from the traditional skilled nursing environment that puts Elders at the center, free to make their own care choices and direct their own lifestyle. What does residential-style living look and feel like? Elders in these forward-thinking communities enjoy a resident-driven lifestyle where they are encouraged to set their own schedules; choose their own menu and activities; and play an active role in their care planning and aging journey. They feature: - Comfortable and contemporary residential design and d¿½¿½cor - Accommodates 17-19 residents per house - Private bedroom/bathroom suites - Warm, bright and spacious shared living areas - Home-cooked meals in a family-style dining atmosphere - Outdoor courtyard space - Fully equipped security elements for 24/7 resident safety, including those with memory care needs How is caregiving different in residential-style living? Small, close-knit, 24-hour care teams invest personally in their work, forming relationships and living alongside the Elders they're passionate to serve. Communication and involvement with loved ones is a high priority, helping to create a genuine and loving family home for residents and staff alike. PROUDLY CELEBRATING 130 YEARS OF SERVICE IN 2016! As a nonprofit organization serving 28 Nebraska counties, Tabitha's love embraces a society where everyone is valued and empowered to live life to the fullest, with compassionate at-home support, innovative living communities, exceptional rehabilitation,