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Quiet Voices Matter

Psychotherapy services to help people become their own authority. Dedicated to help those that have not had a voice in their own life and/or too afraid to think for themselves. Not necessarily trauma victims in the stereotypical sense, but more catered to the self loathing, poor self esteem, underdog crowd. I work in addiction, and treatment is usually catered to the more grandiose, arrogant addict that thinks they know it all, rather than those that have been in fear and not able to advocate for themselves appropriately. A problem I find in my work, is that there is so much ego amongst treatment professionals and they often take advantage of vulnerable people who are looking for someone to trust. This business is also geared to those that have felt betrayed by religious organizations, the nerd in high school that never felt a part of and no one paid attention to, etc... The more introverted crowd gets a bad wrap and can often be overlooked in the work place, in social circles, and in life in general. when we are labeled a certain way in life, we start believing that is what we are, and when we start behaving in destructive way and/or find ourselves feeling alone, it's time to intervene and challenge these beliefs to find our own inner authority and learn to trust that voice, rather than look for it outside of ourselves.