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We are an Agriculture based manufacturing business supplying big farms. Some of the products we manufacture carry over to the consumer market. It is our desire to launch a consumer lawn and garden program and we are looking to establish a "brand" name for the various products we will bring to market. Our target market is gardener's and landscaper's, who buy from Nurseries and or lawn and garden retailers. The consumer products we will introduce have proven to be the best within there class. They simply work better than the competition. Here is the listing of the products we want to brand, Slug & Snail Bait (3 kinds, chemical, natural, and organic), a natural lawn patch, and 4 organic fertilizers. Here is where it gets tricky, we have two product categories, Pest Control and Growth Medias and we have chemical products and natural organic products. My desire is to have one "brand" name that encompasses all products listed above. Maybe we can differentiate the chemical from natural by using a red color and green color on the same brand name. Here is a layout to consider: "Brand Name" "Brand Name" "Brand Name" "Brand Name" "Brand Name" Slug & Snail Slug & Snail Slug & Snail Lawn Patch Fertilizer Kills on Contact Kills by Ingestion Kills by Ingestion Growing Media Growing Media Chemical Natural Organic Natural Organic Red Green Green Green Green The following are some of the brands available today under the 5 headings above: Corrys Corrys Safer EZ-Seed Jobes Bug-Geta Bug-Geta Worry Free Patch Master Dr. Earth Slayer Natria Sluggo One Step Natures Care I am looking for a brand that is simple, something catchy! Something that exudes "this product works fantastic whether it's a chemical, natural, or organic." Think of a radio advertisement, two women in their back yard gardening. One says my flowers are getting eaten alive by these slugs. The other says, mine are perfect, there's a new slug bait product called ______, look for the ______ at your store. Good Luck and Thank You.