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Guardian Investing

In General: We are a financial advisory for institutional clients. Our main Product is a absolute return fund. Hence we are looking for a company name which sounds professional and gives a serious impression. "Please nothing that sounds fragile or dangerous." We have a very conservative client base and the Name should be useable for german & english speaking countries. Our investment philosophy: Is based on 2 pillars: 1. Diversification and 2.) Tail risk hedging In general our investment style is to be considered conservative since we successfully limit drawdowns and do not take overboarding risks for the sake of returns. The Team: We are 4 Professionals with international background. We are teaching at finance at a university and have a number of academic publications as well as a book about asset management techniques ("The Art of Alternative Investing"). We have been known as speakers in the Asset Management / community and want to position us as a think tank in the financial industry.