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We have a free website focused on helping you better understand the world around you by bringing you fascinating and credible written, audio, video, and interactive content on hundreds of different subjects, all written and created by brilliant experts and professors from the world's greatest universities and organizations. Our readers are typically over 40 years old, highly educated, and are extremely curious about the world around them. These are people who read wikipedia for fun! Our readers are avid book readers and most likely enjoy brands like National Geographic, The Smithsonian Institute, Mental Floss, and other premium non-fiction content. Ideally the name of our site will match the URL domain, and the domain will be short and easy to remember. Having access to the world's greatest professors and education based content is the site's main differentiation from other content website destinations on the internet. We want a name that speaks to our differentiation, but is fun and memorable. The domain should be available, and any type of URL or site name is fair game - including real words, compounds, phrases, or blends. Ideally the URL is something that is spelled correctly.