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InMed Data Systems

we are a new company specializing in Precision Medicine. Bridging the gap between medical research in the lab and clinical medicine (treating real patients) by physcians. We are an outgrowth of two existing Open Source platforms which are supported by not-for-profit foundations: i2b2 foundation ( and the tranSMART Foundation ( These platforms have been combing in a few proof of concept projects, but our new company will bring these into a commercial quality offering that is a superset of the Open Source tools with professional developers, QA, training and customization consultants. Our platform is a data repository where you a store molecular, genomic and genetic information from patients along with medical information, observations and lab tests. Researchers using this data are translational scientists, molecular biologists, bioinformatics experts, molecular geneticists, clinicians, clinical research research teams, all sharing the same data and looking for correlations, indications of how to identify subsets of patients who are all "alike" in some way. And then look for medications or treatments that work of one or more of these "subsets". It is "translational medicine: - we are translating between the lab data and the clinical patient data. It is "precision medicine" because we are looking at being more precise in development new drugs and treatments focused on identifiable subsets of patients. The name could include elements of i2b2 and tranSMART logos and concepts. We would also be happy with a fresh name and logo as we get this business started. we held a joint symposium at Harvard University Medical School that included presentation on i2b2, tranSMART and the joint proof of concept projects. The presentations and a few recordings are available at: See in particular talks by: Shawn Murphy: Paul Avillach: Haiqing Li: Please ask any questions or for clarification on what we are doing.