2 Chosen Names


Countries Flourishing Through Wellness

We are an NGO organization named as "CFTW" (Chiropractic for the World), we would like to explore a NEW "acronym" that can come from our initials of "CFTW". Our main focus is Health and Education for the 3rd world countries. Suggest New acronym for CFTW: CFTW = C___________ F__________ T__________ W___________


Ripple Effect drama whereone's smalldecisions have a major impact on their lives like spilledcoffee meanswoman returnshome tochange and discovers hubby cheating

We are a large production house looking for new storylines to develop. (We cannot disclose the production house name.) We are looking for new topic ideas for a TV Series. All types of topics are welcome " people, places, natural phenomenon, historic events, etc. Our main criteria is that the topic has to drive curiosity with viewers " it has to initially pique their interest as well as keep them engaged for a full season or more. The winning topic will be used as a launching off point for plot and script development.