9 Chosen Names


FAB Frame - Fast Assembled Bed

Our unique platform bed frame is a hotel’s dream product. With only 9 components (8 legs and 1 platform) the extremely sturdy yet light weight 100% welded steel bed frame assembles in minutes. No hardware is needed, only a rubber mallet. We have engineered this product to be stress free for the hotel owners, saving them money and labor time while providing a superior sleep experience for the hotel guest. The grid design Is lightweight and offers full support for the mattress. The cross-grid design allows a slight spring-like give that provides a quiet and superior guest sleep experience. Our design works well for 1-sided or 2-sided mattresses. The lightweight wire grid design keeps your people safe and efficient and eliminates the need for a box spring. Our patented Quick-Lock-System is a unique feature to our design. The positive connection of the legs to the bed frame is proven to be stronger and more durable than competitors. Another feature that is exclusive to our design are the adjustable feet. The adjustable feet provide the ability to level the bed for those sometimes-uneven surfaces resulting in no noise and no floor damage. We have thoughtful packaging, saving the environment and your time. All packaging and bed frame material is minimal and is 100% recyclable. The bedframe has been tested and verified to support up to 2000 lbs. with a 100% safety factor.


Petal Escape

We are a small home base business of handmade soaps , our soaps are made with mostly natural ingredients. Looking for a name that is short and easy to remember. A name that implies our products that contains ingredients like flowers ( rose petals etc) , herbs , essential oils and natural colorant. A name that implies pure , clean , natural , spiritual but different and exotic . I would like the name to also be luxurious as our soaps are more expensive then a regular soap bar .


Turkey King

Starting a Food Truck. Fall Of-The-Bone Smoked Turkey Legs will be the sole product sold on the food truck with a variety of flavored finishes. I am looking for a name for the new business. This will be a food truck business in the State of Iowa.



Software development company developing new software and maintaining for the clients.


Ambient Calm

We are looking for a name that will appeal to people who love candles and diffusers. These are people who enjoy being zen and relaxing with aromatic scents in the background while doing yoga or reading a book. When people see the name they can tell this is a store that deals in high end scented products. Please be very creative and come up with something that will attract people just based on the name alone. I prefer names that are two words, a made up combination word, or two words that use alliteration. Also have the total characters be 15 or under if possible.


Cali DisCo - California Distribution Company

We are a distribution company in the cannabis space in California. We are 2 partners and we represent some of the biggest brands in California cannabis. We do logistics, sales and brand ambassador work for the brands we represent. This business name you will find for us will become a branded big company.


Multiplex Meter

Setra's Power Meter measures and analyses the electricity consumption and power quality of multiple electrical loads. The meter can measure the power usage/consumption/quality of an entire building, one or more tenants within a building, one or many pieces of machinery or equipment, and any combination of the above. The meter will be sold in 3 load, 12 load or 48 load configurations. This means the meters can measure anywhere from one complex load up to 48 simple electrical loads, allowing flexibility for the user and their applications. Some of the unique properties of the meter are: - relatively compact form factor - ability to rotate with a modular display - built-in safety enclosure - safe access to the meter without wearing cumbersome safety gear - configuration via a web portal on the unit - trending data that is logged on the meter and subsequently accessed by customer - interfaces with and receives relevant information with adjacent equipment - has the ability to generate alarms based on criteria such as equipment failure, energy usage, incorrect setup


Midnight Fields

We've developing a new high end, farm-to-table restaurant that's focused on quality ingredients and artistic presentation. We want to create a place that will be a destination for people looking for wholesome nourishment that's as beautiful as it is delicious. We're looking for a name that will evoke this sense of a luxury experience that provides as well as a respite from your busy life. Help us find the perfect name!


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