7 Chosen Names



Pet Supplement Business Dosage Form: Tablets & Powder Herbal Remedies to common dog/ cat ailments. Brand will be focus on Pet Health & Wellness. Open to both cute & health focused names.



Mornings are hard enough to get started for kids, but our jelly sticks are made for all your on the go immunity and energy needs. Our jelly sticks are easy to grab and go, for a quick start morning. Infused with delicious elderberry extract combined with zinc and ginseng, will give your kids the head start they need. Each on the go jelly stick is a fusion of vitamins with a tart, healthy, and delicious flavor to leave kids looking forward to the next day. The jelly sticks are quick and easy to incorporate in any daily routine.


private contest - chosen name kept private


private contest - chosen name kept private


private contest - chosen name kept private


1st Impressions

We are a group of dentists who just partnered our practices together to better serve the patients of our community. We would like a name that projects to the community who we are. We asked our patients to give adjectives that described our practices and here is what they told us: consistent, conservative, nurturing, family oriented, enduring, fun, long positive track record, stately yet welcoming, friendly faces, quality, comfortable, modern but not trendy, dependable, steady, deep rooted, life long, good for every kind of patient. Our name should: 1. Not have geographic references 2. Not have initials that are offensive 3. Be specific enough to get a trademark 4. Be signage friendly 5. Be generally liked by the community



We want start a business for Vitamins & herbal Supplements. we would like to ask for a brand name should represent High-Performance Top Rated Top Quality Trusted Brand Thanks