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Our company is the leader in educational leasing solutions. Public employers turn to us to retain the right talent for any given position, while saving them time and minimizing their HR costs. We've amassed unparalleled experience in designing programs that give the employer ultimate control and provide a win-win solution for leased employees. We are creating a new company that focuses on providing bus drivers and transportation specialists to school districts.


Extraordinary Perspectives

Mission: To convene extraordinary physician leaders across the U.S. in order to improve our society and mentor the next generation. We will create a dynamic and confidential forum across the healthcare fields of technology, investment, services, academia, pharmaceuticals, payers, policy, public service, and entrepreneurship. Our goal will be to 1) Create a place where existing leaders can exchange ideas and learn from each other's experiences and 2) Create mentoring and networking opportunities for the next generation of emerging physician leaders We seek a name that is aspirational, but not cliche. We want the name to be attention getting and memorable



We have built an online software product (SAAS) for the air conditioning industry. The software allows an estimator / air conditioning salesperson to easily put together a proposal /estimate with the right piece of equipment for a client. Benefits: The estimator can use software instead of paper to put together a professional, nice looking and effective proposal for clients. The sales manager / owner can more easily train an estimator to sell a job without making mistakes or losing money. This allows them to be more profitable both by selling more jobs and making sure they are good jobs which can be installed properly. We already run a company called Rite Way but there is no need for the product name to be related. Looking for something catchy that easily communicates what the software does. We're attached to names that sound powerful and strong. The air conditioning industry is mostly dominated by blue collar men so that's the market.


private contest - chosen name kept private


private contest - chosen name kept private