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We are a group of fire/rescue experts and amateur horologists who are launching a watch brand. We have a team of professional watch makers we have been working with, to design watches for people like us who work in public safety: structural fire, rescue, ems, swiftwater, dive, wildland firefighting, and police. We will have a few different watches, each aimed at different specializations. For example, dive watches are already popular but we are designing a watch specifically for teams like us who do rescue/recovery diving. We have another watch that is EMS / medical and includes multiple elements that would be attractive to people in that field. They are priced to be competitive in the target demographic. We really liked the name of 1st Watch but another emergency equipment maker (water/rescue focused) already uses that name. We are hoping to find a name that speaks to being emergency / public safety specialists, but is trendier/broader than something like "Emergency Watch".