2 Chosen Names


Olive Birds

Our new apparel line. The motto of our new apparel brand will be basic and essential and it will be oriented towards high-quality and unique items, rather than trendy. Since the targeted customers will widely vary, from age to race, we want our logo to be simple and memorable. All of item will be necessary basic line, and our first product will be men's pajama. We will be extending line to lounge wear, basic t shirt ETC later.


Brothership Brewery

We're a group of military buddies who are now retired and starting our own brewery. We first bonded over beers and our relationship grew from there. We now want to create a place that celebrates camaraderie and community. Our brewery is a dedication to service - a call to serve not just exceptional beers but to serve neighbors, teachers, local businesses, first responders, other vets and those in need. Help name us...