1 Chosen Names



A research and development company is building an app that will promote pain self-management, healthy sleep habits and stress management among Veterans with chronic pain. The main objective of the app is to assist Veterans with the management of chronic musculoskeletal pain--whether they are ready to use self-management strategies or not. This app is unique because it will provide behavior change guidance based on how ready a Veteran is to self-manage their pain and what type of pain self-management strategies they prefer. Examples could include relaxation, exercise, or changing the way one thinks about pain. The app will feature a customized interactive newsfeed, "chats" to gather interact with the users and ask questions about their experience of chronic pain, a messaging center to provide tailored feedback to users based on the chats, and an interactive pain tracker. Veterans can choose to receive push notifications and texts as well. The name cannot be more than 30 characters. One or two words would be optimal. It is important for the name to be accessible, appropriate for Veterans, positive, and catchy. Open to play on words and acronyms if appropriate.