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private contest - chosen name kept private


Koco & Kai

We're developing a new Skin & Hair brand for both women and children. The target demographic is a diverse group of young moms and daughters, encompassing all hair types from curly, frizzy, sleek, to dry. The brand will also include an all natural skin care formula line for young women. We're looking for a natural, creative and organic name, possibly a two-name name for example "coco & eve" or "alex and ani". As well, we'd love to some "one word" suggestions that have an Hawaiian/Polynesian natural feel to them.


private contest - chosen name kept private


FlexaRent - This is short and meaningful Flex A Rent

Accommodation rental company, Base on the idea that tenant could rent the room for the first month , then has the option to extend it to a longer period if they like the room. base in Thailand, going global.


BellaForma by Carla - Bella means BEAUTIFUL and Forma means SHAPE in Latin

Dietary clinic that has the following services: Diet for weight loss, diet for diseases and detox diets, fat freezing machine, cellulite treatment machine, skin cosmetic care, esthetic medical advice, antismoking coaching, fitness wellness coaching. The main focus of the company should be related to the body and it's shape and fitness. The owner is called Carla, if possible some of the options you propose should be related to the name. the name can also be related to any latin origin that hints the services of beauty or body slimming. Moreover, if possible some of the company name options to be 5 to 6 lettered words.


private contest - chosen name kept private