My business is an app and website for at home workouts. The audience is expected to be mostly women in the age range of 20-40's. It will be mostly low impact, pilates type, toning/sculpting workouts. There will still be a decent variety of types of workouts. I am potentially conisidering having my name or initials in the name. My full name is Kylie Brooke Vonnahme (if you submit an entry that involves my name, please ONLY use my middle name when you are using initials like KBV, (otherwise only use my first and last name.) I am also hoping to hear many options that don't have my name in them as well. I am 23 years old and living in NYC in case those details spark any ideas. My profession before this business was a fashion model and now im starting this at home & on demand workout app & website. I want the name to be relatively short & sweet. Ideally 2-3 words but no more than 4 words.

Some words I like that could maybe help inspire ideas are: form, shape, power, energy/energize, spark, alive, fire. electrify, strike, move, fit, flow, simplicity, form, define, built, cut, clean, core, lines, system, force, center, balance, sheer, shape, state, glow, essence, activate, camp, spark, spirit, burn, inner, soul, key, pure, deep, strong, sharp, authentic, savvy, skilled, true, method, methodical, form, style, technique, practice, space, operandi.


FlowFit by Kylie

by greenmachine53

KBV UltraFit

by GoldenGal