4 Chosen Names


FlowFit by Kylie

My business is an app and website for at home workouts. The audience is expected to be mostly women in the age range of 20-40's. It will be mostly low impact, pilates type, toning/sculpting workouts. There will still be a decent variety of types of workouts. I am potentially conisidering having my name or initials in the name. My full name is Kylie Brooke Vonnahme (if you submit an entry that involves my name, please ONLY use my middle name when you are using initials like KBV, (otherwise only use my first and last name.) I am also hoping to hear many options that don't have my name in them as well. I am 23 years old and living in NYC in case those details spark any ideas. My profession before this business was a fashion model and now im starting this at home & on demand workout app & website. I want the name to be relatively short & sweet. Ideally 2-3 words but no more than 4 words. Some words I like that could maybe help inspire ideas are: form, shape, power, energy/energize, spark, alive, fire. electrify, strike, move, fit, flow, simplicity, form, define, built, cut, clean, core, lines, system, force, center, balance, sheer, shape, state, glow, essence, activate, camp, spark, spirit, burn, inner, soul, key, pure, deep, strong, sharp, authentic, savvy, skilled, true, method, methodical, form, style, technique, practice, space, operandi.


Think IT, Think Ascend

We are Ascend, a boutique IT consulting firm specializing in the implementation of a Financial Reporting software called "OneStream". It's a highly complicated system that requires very experienced finance experts (both accountants and programmers) to implement. We need a tag line to go with our new brand. We prefer Brand language: Trusted Advisor/Trusted Relationship - in reference to our clients/prospects Expert/Authority/Leader/Advisor - we are professionals Brand Tone: ...- Professional ...- Technical advice ...- Approachable ...- Trusted ...- Helpful ...- Transparent Industry Language Examples ...- *Digital finance transformation* ...- EPM (enterprise performance management) ...- Digital corporate performance management ...- Financial Consolidation & Close ...- Planning, Budgeting and Forecasting ...- Reporting and Analytics ...- Data Management, Integration & Quality ...- Enhance forecasting and analyses ...- Improve accuracy ...- Increase agility ...- Accelerate planning and reporting cycles ...- Eliminate manual data consolidation and manipulation ...- Business Intelligence ...- BI Cloud Service Industry Slogans (from some of our competitors): ...- Experts in financial management software ...- Less effort, more impact ...- Delivering unmatched experiences ...- Smart insights, strong outcomes ...- Client first, people always ...- Future-proofing finance ...- Experts Only. ...- Actionable Financial Intelligence for Every User ...- Passion. Motivation. Commitment. ...- PERFORMANCE You Can Trust ...- Benefit from next-generation CPM capabilities ...- TRANSFORM FINANCE ...- Leading digital change. ...- Think Big. Start Smart. Act Fast. ...- Troubled project turnaround specialists


HomeLink Weight Loss

I am trying to start a weight loss program which will help people lose weight on their own schedule. The individual or patient will be monitored remotely at home. With COVID 19 most people are not able to join a weight loss program or go to a Gym. The program will work remotely as a solution to weight loss even for those recovering from COVID 19. The weight loss program is 12 weeks program and the tools or things to be used will be mailed to the client/patient. The client will also have access to Weight Loss Roadmap which will guide the patient/client on a daily basis for the 12 weeks and the patient can continue with the program for a long time. The individual keeps all the equipment used during the program.


TIGRES-Teaching, Intgrating Great Resources for Every Student

We're a nonprofit organization with the mission to alleviate extreme poverty and violence in Honduras through youth empowerment and education. We run the Villa Soleada Bilingual School and Children's Home in the village of Villa Soleada. The school's mascot is the tiger. We are also working towards our goal of building one thousand schools in Honduras. We host volunteers who come to Honduras to help build schools. We have a soccer program and scholarship program in the community as well. Honduras has a 66% poverty rate and is currently the most unequal country in Latin America. Crime and violence remain rampant, as Honduras continues to have one of the highest homicide rates in the world. 37% of Honduran children of secondary school age (12-16) are out of school. Of the poorest quintile, 62% are out of school. In 2004, our young team began working with the families of the largest informal settlement in El Progreso, Honduras. They lived along a riverbed in cardboard houses without electricity, potable water, or a school. Gang violence, chronic unemployment, and generational poverty were rampant. Not one person had graduated from high school. In 2007, we bought a 13-acre plot of land and began building a village with the families. The project--named Villa Soleada--allowed us to address not just one but all the challenges comprehensively. Nearly 100% of the children from the community are on track to graduate high school. Together, we can help them attend college to break the cycle of generational poverty for good. Our organization is apolitical and non-religious.