We are establishing a new music record label that is focused on the music of new classical/orchestral composers with recordings that utilize the newest cutting edge sound technology (such as immersive). The name should evoke recognition that while the music is modern it has its roots in classical traditions. Ideally the name would evoke the idea of a journey from old to new, classical to modern, etc The brand promise will focus on innovation, making this kind of music (from orchestra to quartets to soloists) relevant to today's and tomorrow's generations as opposed to our grandparents' era. The label will seek to market and distribute to radio/satellite stations for play, professional music groups (like symphony orchestras, quartets, etc), conductors, music directors, movie producers, high end video game makers, as well as DTC to drive listeners to albums placed on Apple, Tidal, our website, etc


Symphonic Evolution Records

by Utility

Sound Fusion Records

by Tanya916