5 Chosen Names


Sunset Crest Realtors

What are the core products or services you offer? Sales of residential homes and commercial properties. We are a real estate brokerage Can you describe your business in a few sentences? We strive to provide exceptional service, expertise, and support throughout the real estate process. Whether helping someone find the - -perfect family home, assisting with a strategic investment decision, or facilitating a smooth sales process, we are dedicated to delivering unparalleled service and value. What are your short-term and long-term business goals? Our goal is to guide individuals and families on their journey to finding their dream homes or investment properties. What do you want to achieve with this new branding? The point of our business is to be a trusted partner and advisor in real estate, helping our clients confidently navigate the complexities of the market and achieve their aspirations of home ownership, wealth building, and financial security. Who is your primary target audience? Young to middle aged professionals with secondary education levels. Middle-Upper class What are the keywords that you want associated with your brand? Integrity Excellence Community Passionate Do you have any preferences for the name's length or simplicity? Something that rolls off the tongue and can be easily transferred into an icon and tagline.


Symphonic Evolution Records

We are establishing a new music record label that is focused on the music of new classical/orchestral composers with recordings that utilize the newest cutting edge sound technology (such as immersive). The name should evoke recognition that while the music is modern it has its roots in classical traditions. Ideally the name would evoke the idea of a journey from old to new, classical to modern, etc The brand promise will focus on innovation, making this kind of music (from orchestra to quartets to soloists) relevant to today's and tomorrow's generations as opposed to our grandparents' era. The label will seek to market and distribute to radio/satellite stations for play, professional music groups (like symphony orchestras, quartets, etc), conductors, music directors, movie producers, high end video game makers, as well as DTC to drive listeners to albums placed on Apple, Tidal, our website, etc



Medical device doing blood test/analysis on Clinical Chemistry matching the accuracy from major labs like Mayo Clinic, Quest Diagnostics and Lab Corp. The product will provide instant blood test results on Estradiol- Female sex hormone and the most important endogenous estrogen for women's health during reproduction age while compliant with Gold standards and CLIA waived.



We supply and install LED lighting and Ev chargers...We may eventually get into other property supplies as well. We would like a name that captures this.


private contest - chosen name kept private