3 Chosen Names


Son of a Nutcracker- from the movie ELF

Very Funny Names for Christmas Candles. Think of funny things Christmas related and scents associated with Christmas. The name of the candle must be super funny or quirky to work. We are a Candle Company, "The Candle Daddy (http://www.thecandledaddy.com). We strive to make candles that have funny names and even better high quality scents. Funny names are great but when the funny name relates to a scent or color of the candle then you have a potential winner. One could type in a web search for candle scents or fragrances to get ideas. Here are some examples of our current candles (non-Christmas ones for the most part) that our internal team has come up with and are currently selling well on line and in stores: Deez Nutz (banana nut bread-hazelnut vanilla scented candle) Bofa Deez Nutz (banana nut bread-hazelnut vanilla scented candle) Morning Wood (cedarwood vanilla scented candle) Basic Bitch (pumpkin spice latte scented candle) Toke Cloak (odor/smoke eliminator candle) Blue Balls (Blueberry scented candle) Show Me Your Melons! (watermelon/cantaloupe) I'm Sick of Your Shit (Odor eliminator candle) Dicken's Cider (apple cider candle) Swamp Ass (terrible smelling candle) ...and here is a list of some candle/names in development/Christmas/among others Santa's Sack (unsure of scent on this one at this time) Well Hung (unsure of scent on this one at this time) ...we have a list of close to 8,000 other names that are in development or did not make the cut, so it is very likely that suggested names in this contest are already on our ideas list that we are constantly updating. We are always looking for more funny names on candles, don't be afraid to double up on a scent or idea theme we are already working on. We are also looking for things that people are passionate about (golf/tennis/hunting/fishing/hobbies/their dog/politicians) and coming up with funny candle related names related to these passions. We are also looking for holiday related names (CHRISTMAS RIGHT NOW/Birthdays/Valentine's Day, etc). We are also looking for good names for a motor oil scent, gasoline scent, leather scent, burnt rubber scent, wood fire place scent, racing fuel scent, licorice scent, melons scents, nuts scents, beef, bacon, coffee, beer, whiskey, dirt or mud and smelly candles. Any normal candle scents with a good funny name is great too. Keep in mind we are a unique candle company so we have unique names and unique scents. BUT WE ARE MOST LOOKING RIGHT NOW FOR FUNNY CHRISTMAS CANDLE NAMES. Good Luck and remember, please, the more the funny name relates in some way to the scent or the color the better. Thank you, The Candle Daddy



Business is a custom exhaust manufacturer for exotic racing motorcycles; Ducati, MV, Aprilia. The company is manufacturing Titanium and Stainless racing exhausts for MotoGP, World Superbike etc. Need a memorable name, preferably one syllable.



I am looking to name a Food and Beverage brand (master brand) which will own different brands. The different brands are based on categories. So, under the master brand we will have functional/health foods and snacks, we will have tasty cookies brand, baby food brands, cereal, and many more. We will have natural/organic/healthy foods but we will also have foods that are not so healthy but tasty. Hence the master brand should bring a unified theme to all of these different categories. What is important to us is that we produce high quality products which can make people happy. A company that produces foods on an international level, attaining the respect, trust and appreciation of clients through hone and simple & fun communication. It should be a youthful brand which allows continues innovation and creativity...Its a place where new exciting brands are born.....but all of these brands should be unified with one message and this should be evident in the name.... Our brand should reflect the following words: genuine, simple, real, realistic, easy going, social, dependable, casual, delicious, full of life....etc.... We also want to dedicate our efforts and part of our profits to solve a social problem. We are not sure what is that social concern which we want to focus on yet.. Our principles: Raising Standards: We don't get what we want, we get what we have to have. Self Discipline: Making the decision to do better, to do more, to be more, with a "get things done" attitude. Goal Oriented: People who have goals achieve greatness, people without goals work to achieve other people's goals. Commitment: To push through when it gets hard. Imagination and Vision: Being able to visualize success is the only way to set the direction, followed by tracking progress and driving on successful achievements to materialize that vision. Humour: Don't take yourself too seriously; enjoy your time as it's a limited resource. Let your achievements speak on your behalf. Self-Doubt: Always assess how you can improve yourself, your product, your methodology. Fearless: Don't be afraid to fail. Failure is inevitable with trial, and so is success. Do the work, minimize your risk of failure, and be confident you did all you can and never accept failure as an option. When you fail (not if), assess why, and take your next shot. Don't let failure distract you. Humility: Take your successes in stride, and know how to take accountability and move on when you fail. Accept that you don't know much. You might be the most knowledgeable person in your craft, and must still be capable of accepting that is still room to learn from others. Charity: How will you use your success to make the world a better place? Who is it you want to help? What is your cause? Accountability: Accept your responsibility to every initiative that fails personally and collectively. Failure and Achievement are only done collectively. Work Smart and hard: Use your